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The Proven, 4-part System to Grow your Farmers Market Sales and Cultivate a Following of Raving Fans
The Proven, 4 part System to grow your Farmers Market Sales and cultivate a following of raving fans
The Farmers' Market Success System is the only course that teaches you how to attract the right customers, design a stand that increases sales, streamline your systems, and create raving fans!
The Farmers Market Success System is the only course that teaches you how to attract the right customers, design a stand that increases sales, streamline your systems, and create raving fans!
  • Selling your product for a price that makes you feel proud and pays you well for your hard work?
  •  Keeping loyal customers buying week after week and bringing their friends?
  •  Getting into the right markets that have your ideal customer shopping every week?
  •  Standing out against many other large vendors who are selling the same types of products?
  • ​Keeping your items fresh in an attractive display that pulls customers in and fills your cash box?
If you resonate with any of these, you're in the right place!
  • Are just starting out and wondering if farmers' markets are a viable sales option for your farm. How do you find the right ones and attract customers to your stand?
  •  Are attending farmers' markets, but feel you’re wasting time just standing there watching potential customers walk by while your product wilts, destined for the compost pile
  •  You’re making money at markets and would like to scale but are overwhelmed by all the work involved, and feel you can never take a week off
  •  If any of this resonates with you, you’re in the right place and the Farmers' Market Success System is for you
The first farmers' market I attended was pitiful to say the least...  
A 4 ft card table. 6 dozen eggs. A few heads of lettuce in a 5 gallon bucket. Setup with three other vendors in a convenience store parking lot. Looking back on it it’s highly embarrassing.

A few years later we were in much better markets, selling more, but still struggling. Sales where climbing, but it was a LOT of work. It was after meeting and hiring Erika, diving into retail psychology, implementing systems on our farm, and bringing on the right support team, that helped build what we now call the Farmers’ Market Success System.

Fast forward to when we were doing 4 markets a week and pulling in north of 5 figures a week. Our team managed the markets for us (thanks Erika!), we could easily predict sales, move overages, and were well-respected at the farmers' market and in the community.

It was completely different! And it gave us the freedom back into our farm, plus the satisfaction of feeding our community good food and enjoying it again! 

One of our first tables at the farmers' market
One of our first market vehicles
A full stand in our latter years!
Farmers markets can be profitable, 

wildly so in many cases, 

with some farmers doing well over 4 figures each week. 

To achieve this you need a proven system that breaks down the “best practices” from markets to make sure that you’re claiming your part of the pie.

Introducing the Farmers’ Market Success System
Introducing the Farmers’ Market Success System
The 4-part system that made us AND MANY OTHER FARMERS profitable year after year
Attract the right customers with memorable branding, clear messaging, and service-based marketing strategies
Setup a high converting stand that draws customers in and delivers consistent sales

Reduce your workload by simplifying and tweaking your market system.  Find the right help so you can   attend more markets
$cale for profit!
Develop raving fans out of your current customers so they buy more and recruit new customers for you

This system is taught in...
The Farmers’ Market Success System Live Course
The Farmers’ Market Success System Live Course
In this live, 6 week online course, we’ll help you implement the proven system that will increase your sales and allow you to cultivate raving fans that buy out your product and can’t wait to shop next week!
In this live, 6-week online course, we’ll help you implement the proven system that will increase your sales and allow you to cultivate raving fans that support you week after week!
What’s included in the course
 ✔️Live trainings with Erika and Michael

✔️Worksheets each week to map out your Farmers’ Market Success Plan

✔️Q+A Coaching Calls to help you get unstuck as you go

✔️Private FB community group to connect and chat with other vendors

✔️Standard operating procedures, checklists, and training materials for your team
The Roadmap to a Successful Farmers' Market System.
Step By Step Training that walks you through the 4 core steps of farmers' market Success

Whether you are just starting out, or a Farmers’ Market regular, we’ll walk you through the system that helps you attract the right customers, setup a welcoming booth, and grow your market presence to increase sales.
Weekly Support by two sales masters that have been on both sides of the table

During the entire course, Michael and Erika will be in the private Facebook group, answering your questions, challenging you with new ideas, coaching your setup and merchandising layouts, and celebrating your successes!
Proven plug and play systems to streamline your stand

From setting up your highly converting booth, to packing your truck efficiently, to hiring and training rockstar teams, we cover it all and give you formulas for success
Done-for-you recipe cards, veggie use guide, and banner layouts  

We share our catalog of Canva templates that you can easily convert with your farm branding. Imagine having glossy, professional looking material to impress customers with!
Eight modules that teach you step-by-step how to grow lettuce year-round in all climates. Whether you struggle with summer heat and humidity or winter cold and frigid winds, you’ll learn how to make this crop a profit center for you. Michael Kilpatrick comes on in several sections to share his northern lettuce plan that allowed them to produce lettuce year-round.


You get a proven roadmap for success with the LETTUCE BLUEPRINT. From the exact planning schedules, resource guides, to varieties, to weed control and cultural techniques - I've included everything you need to make sure you succeed! 


Discounts with key vendors- Negotiated discounts on key supplies, from BCS (5-10%), to Farmers friend, (so good they won't let me show it) and more, I want you saving money! 


Unparalleled support for your questions. From our online community to our TEAM of experts, we’ll cover all your questions during the course.  

Last week, we ran a 3 day #Farmers' Market Challenge
With just the free training, vendors had HUGE successes, imagine what can happen with the 6 week course!
What will I learn?
The course is packed with practical information and resources to let you implement quickly and increase your sales

In Module 1 we teach you timeless marketing principles which help you sell without feeling slimy or pushy. You’ll learn:
  • What is permission marketing and what that means for your farmers' market stand
  • ​How to build a growth model that uses the farmers' market as free advertising for your farm and pre-sells other products 
  • ​Easy ways to increase customer traffic to markets with minimal work
  • ​To clarify your messaging so it attracts the right customers and communicates your unique story 
  • ​To develop your “one-liner” that instantly communicates to your customers who you are and why they should buy from you
  • The power of branding, and which branding assets are important for your farm
In Module 2 you’ll learn how to set up your stand for success and customer conversion psychology:
  • We’ll deep dive in your market stand setup, learn how to lay it out for maximum flow and keep your customers focused on your stand, not your neighbors
  • the simple steps to create customer value, and charge twice as much for the same product
  • The 3 farmers' market staff roles, and how this system keeps you fresh and your customers happy
  • The oft-used phrase that actually can be a customer turnoff and the words to use to increase positive interactions.
  • Battle-tested responses to common purchase objections that reframe the customer’s opinion and turn them into fans
  • ​The system we use to identify promos for our stand and how to adapt them to your product line.
Module 3 is all about setting up and simplifying your market systems and hiring your rockstar market team. You’ll Learn:
  • Identifying the right market vehicle for your farm and location, and how to know when you need to upgrade
  • Setting up your market vehicle for success with shelves, boxes, and systems
  • ​How to keep product cold for long periods at market
  • ​The right (and easy) way to find rockstar employees who are already your biggest fans
  • ​The no-obligation way to test potential employees without hurting customer relationships
  • ​How to set up an employee training system that educates them quickly while having them work the market
  • ​How to easily integrate electronic payments into your sales system without sacrificing profit
Module 4 is about cultivating a crowd of raving fans who buy week after week and bring you new ideal customers. You’ll learn:
  • How to create a circle of awesomeness that brings new customers week after week
  • ​Understand how reward systems work and the right way to set up one for your stand
  • ​How to create superfans and the right way to reward them for promoting you
  • ​Using customer testimonials to shorten the purchase journey for new customers
  • ​Setting up collaborations with local influencers that introduce you to totally new audiences for your products
  • ​Using community events to grow your audience and promote you to the go-to vendor in your community
  • ​The power, and science of up-selling and why people will always pay for convenience
Plus Resources and Support to help you start growing your sales today!
Supply and Resource List
A resource list with exactly where to get the best quality, most economical supplies. I have spent years and a lot of money trying all sorts of things and have put my favorite supplies in this list. 
Done for you SOP's and Checklists
As we grew our markets, we put together training sop's, lists, checklists, binders and more to help us and our team sell better and work smoothly together, we include all of these for you to use for your farm!
Community Interaction
A private community hub to discuss your questions with other passionate vendors just like you to learn, share your wins and tips! We find that there is so much value just from the community of committed vendors.
BONUS: Live Q&A's
We'll host live Q+A sessions where you can submit your questions and get solid answers on your biggest challenges and hangups around sales and farmers' markets. 
Carrie worked with Michael and Erika... these pictures are taken a year (and many dollars) apart!
Join The Farmers' market success system course
Get the BLUEPRINT profitable farmers use to grow their farmers' market sales! 
  •  All 4 step-by-step training modules [$600 VALUE]
  • ​Resources, Worksheets, SOP's, Training Manuals, Checklists [$200 VALUE]
  •  Private Facebook community 
  •  Live Q+As during the course [$400 VALUE]
  •  Bonus Training: Your Simple Website [$100 VALUE]
  •  Bonus Training: Pricing your Product [$100 VALUE]
  • ​Bonus Training: Vend at the Best Markets [$100 VALUE]
  •  Bonus Training: Email, Messenger and Facebook marketing [$100 VALUE]
That’s $1600 in value
Pick your Payment Option
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4 equal monthly payments of $97 [$388 total]
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of just
We're here to help!
Closing in...
Your Investment in the Farmers Market Success Course is 100% risk-free with the “Grower Approved” 14 Day Satisfaction Guarantee
We’re so passionate about helping you implement the Farmers Market Success System in your business because we have seen and experienced the difference it makes for farmers just like you. 

And that’s why we want to make it a no brainer decision for you to start the course, go through the content, put the system to the test, get the support you need, and experience the transformation for yourself. 

With our 14 Day “Grower Approved” Satisfaction Guarantee, your investment is completely risk-free. 

If the course doesn’t meet your expectations and after implementing the trainings your sales don’t increase, we want to give your money back. 

Just email us within 14 days at, and we’ll refund your investment in full. No hassle, no hard feelings. 

And in case we haven’t met yet...

Erika Tebbens, Sales Strategist
Erika Tebbens was one of Michael’s original Superfans and joined his team in 2008 as the Farmers market and Sales manager. 

She doubled sales for several years until we maxed out our production capacity. 

Erika is now a Growth Strategist for business owners. She helps them make more money without complex systems or sleazy sales tactics. She’s been teaching others how to sell smarter for over 15 years. 

Erika lives in upstate NY with her husband, teenage son and dogs. You can find her at

Michael Kilpatrick, Farmer and Educator
Michael is an entrepreneur, farmer, presenter, inventor and leader who lives to help farmers apply business principles and practical, proven solutions to grow their businesses and simplify their lives.

He farmed in upstate NY for a decade where his farm was well known (and voted favorite 3 years running) for their high quality food and excellent service. 

His company, Growing Farmers, helps passionate farmers and food producers grow their businesses and create freedom in their lives. He hosts the Thriving Farmer Podcast and manages Small Farm University, a membership for passionate farmers. 

He lives with his wife and two kids in Germantown, OH where he enjoys growing food for his community.

Have Questions?  Here's some answers...
What is the FMSS Live Course?

>6 weeks of live classes held at 7:30 PM on Tuesday nights
>Weekly workbooks to help you build out your exact FM Plan
>Done for you recipe card templates
>Our rockstar market crew training manuals

NOTE: All sessions are recorded so that you can listen or watch them later if you can’t make the live sessions

How long do I have access to the materials?

You have lifetime access to the program materials to use on your farm.
Will this work for my area of the country… or world?

The principles and proven system we teach is based on centuries old marketing principles. We’ve just distilled them down into a proven system of what worked best for us and the farmers we’ve helped all across the country.
Can I buy next week? Next month?
We only open the course a few times a year so that we can spend most of our time focusing on helping the students taking the course. 
How does it work?
As soon as you sign up you’ll be emailed a survey to help us find out more about your particular vender setup. We'll also give you access the the private facebook group for course attendees.  Our first class will be August 13th.

All you need is an internet connection. All trainings, and bonuses are accessed through the private member area which you can access at your leisure anytime. 
Farmers' Markets are an incredible way to grow your farm sales, let us help you implement the Farmers' Market Success System and claim your part of the market!
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